We believe in making it easier for organisations to work and grow on an international scale. We can help you achieve your goals by preparing your employees for travel and supporting them whilst they are in unfamiliar and remote locations

We help to keep them healthy and safe, so you can focus on your core business activities.
In Ernst & Young’s latest Global Mobility Effectiveness Survey 50% of companies thought their global mobility team was understaffed and only 30% have a system in place for tracking business travellers.



In order to operate and grow your business, your employees must travel and work internationally. This means they are often faced with environments that they are unfamiliar with. This level of uncertainty puts them at risk. Even a minor health or security issue, if unchecked, can quickly escalate into a more serious problem. Furthermore, your ability to respond to these risks, can ultimately impact your workforces’ happiness and morale.   

We are here to help you mitigate those risks and their associated costs. No matter how small a medical or security issue is; our experts are qualified to help.




The best way to ensure that your employees stay healthy and safe is to establish robust preventive programmes, catered specifically for the environments they are in. In the instance that prevention is not possible, immediate and effective assistance is fundamental. We provide you and your workforce with access to a first class assistance service, available 24/7 (ISO9001:2008 accredited) – the necessary reassurance and direction to keep your employees healthy, safe and productive.   Advice from our medically qualified and security experts is immediate and unlimited – we encourage your employees to always call us first, no matter how minor the issue may seem.


The world is a wildly varied and fast-changing place. When it comes to health and security, every location is different. The same applies to organisations; every set of needs are different. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to employee healthcare or security. Therefore, our approach is consultative. We can help you assess the risks associated with every working environment and design appropriate preventive programmes – including training, procedures and policies – to protect you and your people at all times.




In many situations, calling us can actually prevent a claim on your insurance. The majority of cases can be resolved with the medical and security expertise provided by our teams of nurses, doctors and security officers, therefore saving the need for further consultation.   In the rare instance that your employee requires a consultation, we will only refer them based on the advice of our own qualified medics or security officers. We manage and certify more than 79,000 medical and security providers across the globe – So no matter where your employee is; we have the unique knowledge of where to safely refer them to. Ensuring that their situation is dealt with in an effective manner. Read more about how we work with your insurer.