Assistance App


Up-to-date security analysis and medical information in the palms of your workforce’ hands. Whether your employees are regular or infrequent mobile workers, or assignees planning an assignment, they will have the right background and updates to hand. And if they should need Assistance it’s one tap away.


Knowing What to Do


Do your mobile workers know whether there are any incidents or threats awaiting them when they travel? Do they know who to call if they were to need medical or security advice? What might happen if they travel unprepared?

International SOS’s Assistance App is an essential tool for mobile workforce and assignees. Innovative, intuitive and effective, the Assistance App keeps your employees informed and gives you peace of mind.

As part of your risk mitigation, our app delivers essential information and advice to the palm of employees’ hands.

If the unexpected should happen, they will be one tap away from experts within our global assistance network.

Working With Other Services


By combining user profile details with the mobile worker’s option to check-in their location, Tracker users now have increased confidence in knowing where their workforce are and how to contact them.

In a crisis, this information can be critical and often needed in a hurry. Now the Assistance App also allows mobile workers to confirm their whereabouts and contact details (for Tracker users, only). This means, you can get them the right help; sometimes 

Assistance App


Help your mobile workers make the most of their International SOS Subscription. Encourage them to download the app to gain instant access to:

  • One-click dialling to the closest International SOS Assistance Centre, for immediate help
  • Mobile-friendly medical and security information to prepare for trips, with deeper content a further tap away
  • Our latest medical and security alerts, delivering advice before and during trips
  • Favourite country content for fast navigation to mobile workers’ most used information