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Learn how we have helped our clients by providing an array of assistance, medical and security solutions at home and abroad.

COrporate health management

International_SOS_Corporate_Health_Management_Programs_Case_study_IT_ThumbnailDOWNLOAD > Corporate Health Management for major IT company

As part of an annual executive health check programme organised at an International SOS (Intl.SOS) on-site clinic, an employee underwent a CT scan of the chest, which showed a lump in one of his lungs.

With the cost of a failed expatriation amounting up to USD$950,000, the early diagnosis led to significant savings, not to mention the human cost that would have been sustained by the employee and his family.

security support at thomson reuters

WATCH > Thomson Reuters
Roraigh Ainslie, Security Director, Thomson Reuters explains how International SOS and Control Risks provides comprehensive security support.


occupational health delivery at royal bank of Scotland

Every business needs to consider the health of its employees as part of its duty of care. RBS has been working with International SOS for some time to develop its Occupational Health delivery.

repatriation to the uk, tom's story

WATCH > Marks & Spencer

While on holiday in Turkey, Tom fell seriously ill. He did not receive the support he needed and his outlook looked grave. Find out how M&S and International SOS’ partnership helped Tom fight back from a life-threatening condition.

on the ground assistance and evacuations

WATCH > Helping clients during 2011 spring uprisings in Egypt
During the 2011 spring uprising which saw the overthrow of President Hosni Mumbarak's regime, International SOS conducted over 1,250 evacuations of subscribers including students, business travellers, and assignees working in Egypt.


Travel risk mitigation, referral and medical assistance to business traveller in india

WATCH > Supporting subscribers before they travel, whilst abroad and when they return
Mitigating travel risks on a business trip to India. Find out how we can help to ensure your business trip goes smoothly.