EMI Executive Report


International SOS Case Trends in the Energy Mining & Infrastructure Sectors


For the first time in our company's history we are offering our valued clients a comprehensive report detailing actual statistics from client data, key trends in your industry and direct observations from our medical experts. 

Aims of the report:
  • Provide visibility into case trends within the industry, allowing companies to benchmark against their peers.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Offer guidance on prioritising prevention programmes and future investment based on scientific evidence.

Data for this report was extracted from the International SOS Global Medical Assistance Platform. Twenty-two large, multinational companies were selected from the Energy, Mining and Infrastructure (EMI) sectors. Each company’s medical assistance cases for one year were reviewed and analysed to identify significant trends. In total, 3,344 cases were included in the analysis. The identified trends were then interpreted by a range of International SOS medical experts from the areas of assistance, corporate medical consulting, public health and occupational health. This report includes both the quantitative data analysis as well as qualitative expert discussion.


“Most employees (nearly 93 percent) qualified as fit during their consultation. However, a quick scan of the other seven percent immediately demonstrates the importance of such programs… cardiovascular disease, hearing loss, possible cancer, mental illness, uncontrolled diabetes and epilepsy.”
Pre-assignment Fit for Work programs, pg.34

“Cardiovascular and circulatory system diseases made up only 6% of all cases, but 23% of all costs. They were more likely to result in hospitalization,
evacuation/repatriation and/or repatriation of mortal remains.”
Cardiovascular Disease, pg.20

Prioritisation of Prevention Programs

Commentary by Medical Experts