Taking a preventative approach to health management at the project level and beyond minimises the risk of incidents that result in lost time and maximises the productivity of your workforce.



With a 30 year history of successful partnerships in the mining sector, we combine flexible medical staffing services with occupational health practices to support project productivity.

Our scalable and innovative onsite and telemedicine services evolve with your project lifecycle, helping you manage health, at every stage and leading to a positive return on investment for your operation. 

Our services can deliver:

  • Experienced medical personnel ensuring prevention and management of medical incidents and emergencies and compliance with industry best practice
  • Occupational health guidance including effective injury and illness management to reduce your LTIs and TRIFRs
  • Telemedicine  solutions to enhance on-site treatment and reduce offsite referrals
  • Flexible outsourcing approach, so you can scale up and down as the industry changes
  • Medical supply chain advisory and management 
  • Health and Safety case reporting and analysis
  • Preventative wellness programs to help you sustain the health of your workforce

PREVENT workplace injuries through targeted wellness programs. Preventative occupational health services aimed at employee awareness and education, help lead to a direct reduction in the number and severity of occupational illnesses and injuries.


Snapshot of an Australian Mine Site


When injuries do happen, prevent recordables, minimise off-site referrals and reduce lost time through effective injury management supported remotely by OH specialists. Integrating our onsite medical model with our scalable telemedicine solution gives you cost efficient access to doctors without any loss in productivity.


Our services are proven to reduce offsite referrals


REDUCE the indirect or hidden costs of work-related injuries are up to 6 times that of the direct costs company’s usually consider. We can help you to reduce the not only the direct costs but also those indirect costs which can be exponentially higher to your current and future business success.


Recordable injuries: The hidden costs


Reduce the costs associated with workers compensation claims and premiums through managed injury and illness management from point of injury through to return to work. 


> STUDY 'General practitioners and sickness certification for injury in Australia' CLICK HERE

Our services are proven to save money


PREVENT avoidable recordable injuries through effective treatment models. Our medical teams are trained in injury and illness case management aligned with OSHA and APPEA guidelines to limit treatment to first aid cases so they don’t become costly medical treatment cases. We do this wherever appropriate, ensuring the patients care or recovery is never compromised.


SUSTAIN the health of your workforce. Our data capture and trend analysis of injury and illness onsite provides targeted direction for your sustainable health plans, ensuring you are directing resources and effort to where it’s most needed.

FLEXIBLE MODELS  are about putting your needs first and never compromising quality or care. Our medical service solutions are flexible and innovative to meet the changing demands of mining operations in Australia. By leveraging our established in-house resources we can deliver cost effective solutions for any site, no matter what stage.


  1. "We insist on a low risk, high quality partner to manage the health of our employees"
  2. "Medical services is not our core competency"
  3. "Continuous improvement in the health and productivity of our workers"
  4. "Employer of choice" 
  5. "Zero harm sits at the core of our values. Intl.SOS helps us get closer to this goal"
  6. "We recognise the Return on Investment that Intl.SOS can provide"