We can help you mitigate the health and safety risks associated with the complex environment of oil and gas operations. 

We’re here to support your productivity and cost reduction agenda through the delivery of cost effective medical services aligned with your health and safety objectives. 

We work with you to design effective healthcare solutions that evolve with your operations. From managing medical emergencies on site to preventing unnecessary offsite referrals and disembarkations, our services are proven to reduce costs, enhance health and safety performance and achieve sustained productivity growth for your operations.

A solution to fit your needs.

With a strong focus on prevention, our solution:

  • Supports your productivity agenda by providing timely and quality medical care to your employees to keep the working and reducing costs associated with lost time.
  • Contributes to the enhancement of your health and safety performance through a stringent injury and illness case management methodology and support system, developed in line with industry standards (IADC 1 and OSHA2) to help you reduce your Lost Time and Recordable Injuries. .
  • Assists your company to meet national and international regulations and industry best practice, ensuring you have a compliant and effective solution while meeting your Duty of Care for all employees. 
  • Scales up or down with your operations by delivering a service of appropriate size and scope to suit your project phase and reduce operating costs.

FLEXIBLE In order to meet the changing needs of your operations we offer flexible medical solutions to reduce your costs and improve employee health and productivity outcomes. We do this while maintaining our leading clinical governance and quality assurance standards.

By leveraging our in-house medical resources and telemedicine platform, we can extend the medical scope and expertise of the services delivered on site, while maintaining or reducing total headcount. With access to experts in emergency medicine, primary care and occupational health, we’re able to adapt the services to the specific needs of the project. 

PREVENT unnecessary disembarkations or offsite referrals with remote access to OH and specialist doctors for diagnostic and treatment advice. Using our 24/7 medical response centre and state of the art telemedicine platform we’re able to reduce the severity of injury and illness and keep employees at work.

Our services are proven to reduce offsite referrals

PREVENT avoidable recordable injuries through effective treatment models. Our medical teams are trained in injury and illness case management aligned with OSHA and APPEA guidelines to limit treatment to first aid cases so they don’t become costly medical treatment cases. We do this wherever appropriate, ensuring the patients care or recovery is never compromised.

REDUCE the hidden costs of work-related injury and illness. The indirect or hidden costs of work-related injuries are up to 6 times that of the direct costs company’s usually consider. We can help you to reduce the not only the direct costs but also those indirect costs which can be exponentially higher to your current and future business success.

Recordable injuries: The hidden costs

SUSTAIN the health of your workforce. Our data capture and onsite injury and illness trend analysis provides targeted direction for your health plans, ensuring you are directing resources and effort to where it’s most needed.


For over 30 years we have pioneered the delivery of remote site medical services to the energy, mining and infrastructure sector. Our onsite medical services and integrated telemedicine support are industry best practice, and have been designed to deliver our clients the best results - on site and on the stock market.


  1. "We insist on a low risk, high quality partner to manage the health of our employees."
  2. "Medical services is not our core competency.” 
  3. "Continuous improvement in the health and productivity of our workers."
  4. "Injury management expertise maintains our excellent HSE reporting standards."
  5. "Zero harm sits at the core of our values. Intl.SOS helps us get closer to this goal."
  6. "We recognise the Return on Investment that Intl.SOS can provide through improved reporting stats and worker health.”