International SOS provides tailored medical and health services support to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) across a range of activities.

To supplement ADF medical expertise, International SOS provides medical staffing, equipment, Emergency Rescue Vehicles and logistical support to ADF training exercises in Australia and abroad, including in remote and challenging locations.

International SOS paramedics, emergency doctors, specialists and nursing staff work seamlessly with ADF and NZDF personnel to ensure quality and cost effective health services meet medical emergency and primary health care needs.

This support is facilitated via International SOS’ staffing and supply chain network across 89 countries. 

International SOS has the capability to rapidly deploy mobile Role I and Role II medical facilities and staffing nationally and internationally.

International SOS also provides Aeromedical Evacuation (AME) support to the ADF.  Tactical and strategic AME requires advanced planning that takes into account local capabilities to ensure the best and quickest response times for patient outcomes.  As part of our AME support to the ADF we provide: 

  • Tactical health planning
  • Health Intelligence
  • Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERPs)
  • Deployment of assets and resources 
  • Coordination of rapid patient transfer 
  • Accompanying patients in-flight; and
  • Provision of critical health care in transit.    

International SOS also provides medical personnel to support the work of Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) and to assist DFR to recruit the right people at the right time to sustain and enhance Australian Defence capability.

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Border agencies and security

Remote and rural services