support to the australian defence force Operation Talisman Sabre


A joint training and war game exercise for the ADF and US Marine Corps involving thousands of soldiers, Operation Talisman Sabre takes place primarily in Northern Australia.

In 2015, International SOS was tasked by the ADF to provide essential Aeromedical Evacuation (AME) support as Talisman Sabre activities are high risk, include live fire, parachute drops and amphibious landings.

International SOS’s AME support included medical staffing for three Bell helicopter airframes with two-man paramedic crews and International SOS medical equipment, supplies and oxygen to support pre-hospital AME with winching capability.

International SOS staffed each helicopter with two highly skilled Level Five Intensive Care Paramedics experienced in AME as part of a six staff medical evacuation team.

A fully dedicated Operations Manager was deployed on the ground to manage procurement and direct all logistical elements to ensure staff, medications, equipment and airframes were all available for the duration of Talisman Sabre.