HUManitarian health services support       Ebola Outbreak 2014


The spread of Ebola throughout West Africa in early 2014 caused significant loss of life, overstretched and severely impacted on healthcare systems and disrupted business continuity on a global scale beyond the borders of the outbreak.

At the time of the outbreak, International SOS had over 300 personnel operating in affected countries supporting clients including humanitarian aid workers on the ground.

As it became clear that the situation was deteriorating, International SOS mobilised a team of medical experts in response to requests from over 1200 clients. 

International SOS worked closely with the United Nations, World Health Organisation and Centre for Disease Control and Prevention to redefine our medical operations and put in place an Emergency Ebola Response Plan that provided in-country support and out-of-country medical evacuation services.

Over the course of the outbreak, International SOS managed a large number of cases and provided a range of supporting services to Australian Government and other clients including Ebola Preparedness,  Infection Control Training, and Ebola Response Plans to Mass Evacuations and the creation and staffing of Short Term Isolation Units.