In response to the earthquake in Nepal in April 2015, International SOS deployed a Rapid Response Team within days to service client needs, particularly the needs of many NGO’s and aid workers.  

Comprising medical physicians, a paramedic, security specialist, operations manager and interpreter, the Response Team worked around the clock to provide medical and evacuation support in the setting of an overstretched healthcare infrastructure that had sustained significant damage and increasing shortages of food and medical supplies.  

The key objectives of the Team were: 

  • To support and provide advice to clients with staff residing and travelling in Nepal;
  • To have a structured outreach to hospitals where injured International SOS clients had been admitted and provide any assistance that might be required; 
  • To support missing persons searches and work with the Nepalese authorities in coordinating helicopter rescue efforts; and
  • Once hospitalised in Kathmandu, to assess the medical necessity for international evacuation and conduct air ambulance transfers to the next level of medical care. 

During the deployment, International SOS provided assistance to over 300 individuals with direct support for four medical cases, one repatriation of mortal remains and two helicopter evacuations from remote airstrips.

While on the ground the team provided medical and security support and liaised with the UNHCR and numerous NGOs responding to the crisis.