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Understanding how taking care of the safety, security, health and welfare of your staff abroad results in tangible commercial benefits for your organisation.

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EISF_Sept_2016_Duty_of_Care_A_review_of_the_Dennis_v_NRC_ruling_and_its_implications_imageEISF - Duty of Care: A review of the Dennis v Norwegian Refugee Council ruling and its implications

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the court case and what lessons can be drawn from the Court’s ruling for the international aid sector.

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International_SOS_Managing_the_safety_health_and_security_of_mobile_workersInternational SOS Foundation & IOSH - Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers

International SOS Foundation and IOSH have released an occupational safety and health practitioner's guide including a risk analysis by traveller gender, age, sexuality and disability.

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International_SOS_Traveller_Trends_Study_2016_ReportInternational SOS - Traveller Trends Report 2016 

International SOS has released its 2016 Business Traveller Trends Study for Australasia. The study asked respondents about international travel preparation, destinations, medical and personal safety issues experienced abroad in 2015 as well as the expected impact of travel risks in 2016.

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International SOS - Health, Security & Safety 2016 - New Zealand

Responsibilities of New Zealand organisations to employees on business travel and overseas assignments.

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International SOS - Return on Prevention Study Paper 2015

The research, published by Prevent in March 2015, investigates the latest thinking on the risks associated with international assignments and the cost of a failed assignment.

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International SOS - briefing paper model WHS laws state and territory 2013

Briefing paper on the model WHS laws which came into effect across Australia in 2013.

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Industry paper Duty of Care International SOS

International SOS - Duty of Care Benchmarking Study | GLOBAL

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Benchmarking Study.

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International SOS - Duty of Care Benchmarking Study | AUSTRALiA and oceania

Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management Benchmarking Study.

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Industry paper Global Framework International SOS

International SOS - Foundation Global Framework

A strategic framework to help organisations identify threats and hazards, and manage the safety, health and security risks of travelling staff.

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Industry paper Safety without Borders International SOSIOSH - Safety without borders

Guide published by IOSH covering the health, safety and welfare issues staff may face when posted or on business trips abroad.

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