Tools and Tips


> Responding to natural disasters

Natural disasters are occurring more frequently and each time the aid community responds in strength.





International_SOS_Managing_medical_risks_in_remote_areas> Managing medical risks in remote areas

Facing medical risks with a highly detailed emergency plan influence the outcome of the incident.

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International_SOS_Keeping_safe_in_high_security_risk_locations> Keeping safe in high security risk locations

How to prepare before travelling to high risks locations.

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International_SOS_Does_gender_determine_risk> Does your gender determine your risk?

Highlights key differences between risks faced by men and women.






International_SOS_Can_you_get_sued_Legal_liability_of_International_Aid_Organisations> Can you get sued? Legal liability of international aid organisations

Policy Paper written by SMI addressing the legal liability of international humanitarian aid organisations towards their staff.



International_SOS_How_to_develop_an_Emergency_Response_Plan> How to develop an Emergency Response Plan

Things to consider before you develop an Emergency Response Plan.







> Ebola information and resources

Visit our dedicated website covering the latest news, travel advice, education materials and facts about the Ebola outbreak.





> International SOS & Control Risks 2017 Health Risk Map

Designed to help companies better understand the medical risks in the markets where they operate and identify needs to put practices in place to ensure business continuity.