benefits of traveller tracking and active monitoring

Whether it’s to explore new markets, access new suppliers or develop new business relationships, organisations are increasingly taking a global perspective, as more and more workers from all sectors are finding themselves on overseas assignments in ever more remote and far flung locations.

With global mobility levels predicted to grow 50 per cent by 2020, there will be more workers facing unfamiliar environments – and uncertainty raises risks.   Also staff who feel vulnerable during their travels are less productive.  This is an important message to risk managers, as only 30 per cent of companies have a system in place for tracking business travellers.

Organisations must have a proven system to contact workers abroad in case something happens that could affect their safety. As leaders in technological innovation, International SOS has created programs, such as TravelReady, which automates compliance with an organisation’s travel security and medical policies; and Tracker, the industry’s leading traveller tracking service.

In addition to helping organisations locate their workers, Tracker emails travellers with information on their destinations before and during their trips to keep travellers informed of potential safety risks and how to mitigate those risks. 
Organisations with workers going to high-risk or especially remote locations may require additional levels of risk mitigation. Active monitoring solutions allow organisations to define high-risk areas and safe zones, and then notify them when, and if, workers enter those areas. Travellers are also notified if they are entering a high-risk location so they are aware of the dangers.

It’s not always possible to prevent every problem, however, and organisations must have a solid plan for responding when incidents occur. Active monitoring solutions provide organisations confirmation of the safe arrival of an employee and timely information to enact a response if that individual is not at the location expected.

At International SOS our goal is always to reduce risks to an organisation and their workers. CONTACT US today to learn more or to book a demo on our traveller tracking and active monitoring solutions.