Return on Prevention

International SOS and International SOS Foundation

“Return on Prevention” is a ground-breaking study undertaken by Prevent and commissioned by the International SOS Foundation, to quantify the investment of travel health prevention strategies against the cost of failed international assignments.

Using real data, the study looks at the average monetary investment made to relocate staff overseas looks and the cost benefit of duty of care initiatives, which are now mandatory under Australian workplace health and safety law.  

Some of the key findings include:

  • Average investment in an international assignment is US$311,000 per annum
  • Cost of a failed assignment ranges between US$570,000 to $950,000
  • Ways to reduce fatal cases of malaria by 70%
  • Quantifiable cost savings of pre-travel health checks – up to 2.5X return

Return on Prevention Resources Available to you:

  1. The webinar recording
  2. The Return on Prevention Study paper
  3. The presentation slides