Prepare for the unexpected: New training programs for business travellers

Do your staff know which hotel floors are the safest to stay on? How to avoid food poisoning? Or what to do in a hostage situation?   

Preparing your people for overseas travel requires more than a plane ticket, hotel room and travel insurance.  Anyone travelling on behalf of your company should be aware of the increased risks to their health and safety in the context of where they are going, whether they are going to a high risk destination or a modern city they have visited many times before.

Incidents that occur in developed countries are often the least expected and therefore have the biggest impact. Road accidents, gastro, muggings and mosquito-borne diseases are a common occurrence. Knowing what to do in these situations is critical to minimising the impact on your staff and getting them home safely.

To help your business travellers prepare for the unexpected International SOS and Control Risks have developed a range of new training programs that cover personal security tips, real scenarios, decision-making skills and destination-specific awareness.

Available in various formats including e-learning modules compatible with all devices, virtual learning and face-to-face workshops, these programs can be accessed by all your employees around the world. The information and advice leverages our vast experience managing health and security risks and assisting people for the last 30 years. 

All training programs are supported by our own reporting capabilities so you will know which staff have completed each program, and can use these records to demonstrate you have fulfilled duty of care obligations preparing staff for their travel.

Training modules available to you