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As you are aware, the Health and Safety Reform Bill is currently under review and is the final step in a major overhaul of workplace health and safety in New Zealand.

With reforms expected to be implemented later this year, we have commissioned a briefing paper by Minster Ellison Rudd Watts that outlines what the changes will mean for companies and what areas of their processes and policies need to be reviewed.  

Key changes include:

  • Introduction of a single duty category entitled “persons conducting a business or undertaking” broadening the current definitions
  • Removal of the distinction between employees, contractors and other workers
  • Requirement to take “reasonably practicable steps” to ensure the safety of workers
  • Introduction of a new and comprehensive duty on directors and officers to exercise due diligence
  • Personal responsibility of directors and officers for ensuring due diligence is undertaken with harsher penalties including fines of up to $3 million for companies and $600,000 for individuals, and up to five years imprisonment for individuals.
  • Our team are happy to meet and discuss practical measures  that can be implemented to comply with the new laws.

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